We're on a mission to make government
work in the digital age.

Code for Europe is a network of developers, designers and other ICT professionals that create digital services for communities and cities.

We do this in order to solve real, human problems in a reusable, flexible and inclusive way. We empower local communities to build, share and adapt civic tech. We solve local challenges by profiting from the shared experience of an international network of likeminded fellows.

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For cities and (local) governments

Coders can help cities and governments collaborate bottom-up in innovation. Code for Europe promotes and facilitates collaborative in-house development of software solutions between local chapters/ fellows and government. We connect people to share knowledge, experience and code.

Support a chapter

An active community of coders working on apps and data services that create value to the people living in your city. We are working on a whitepaper on how to support these chapters. Interested?


A small team of experienced designers and developers that work within government resolving problems with innovative solutions and educating the government workforce on technology.

Check vimeo for videos.

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Want to join a Chapter?

Volunteer in a project that serves communities “glocally”. Chapters create solutions for their local communities, while at the same time sharing code and collaborating with other chapters around the globe.

We are working on a Chapters map. In the mean time, please contact us by e-mail.

For designers and developers

At Code for Europe we think that solving real problems for real people is the best. Join us!

Interested in becoming a fellow?

If you are a designer or developer working within government, please join our network and start sharing.

If you're an experienced designer or developer, looking for a way to help government improve their services, contact us!

Send us an e-mail to get in touch: info@codefor.eu.

Talk to us

Please feel free to join our weekly online meetup, or at events. Check out our calendar for the next meetup.